Clean grill grates

by Chun Zhao on May 08, 2019

Your grill grates should always be completely clean. It's very helpful to leave the perfect grill mark on the food and avoid them stuck on the grate. When you clean your grates, don't use water, soup, and steel wool, it will just waste your time and lot strength. Preheat your grill, scrub the grate with a steel brush. After the grates cleaned, it's time to do some oiling. You will need pliers and a piece of tightly-folded kitchen paper towel, and some oil of course. Put the paper towel in oil, then use the pliers to catch it and wipe your grates. If your grates are rusty, scrub them again and again, or consider getting some new ones here.


Food basted and marinaded with vinegar, citrus juice, or soy-based sauce mixtures will make your clean jobs much easier.

If your sauce is tomato-based, apply it in the last few minutes of your BBQ, or it will take you more works during the cleaning.

There might be specific ways to clean your grill, read the instructions by your grill manufacturer to know if your model requires a different method.


Do not attempt to clean your grates while the fire is burning.

Do not leave food on your grates after BBQ, they can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which could contaminate other food during your next BBQ.

Replace your grill brush when the bristles loosen or become bent. They can deposit on your grate and get mixed in with your food, this could lead to life-threatening results.


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